Dear Friends of Hidden Roots,

I spent a lovely October weekend on a farm and in the woods in Putney Vermont, taking in circles while simultaneously being trained to facilitate circles, also called Council, by the New England Council Collective.

I was invigorated by the many ways circles can be held and how much fun they can be. I am inspired by the way the circle form gives us (extrovert, introvert, and those in between) a chance for deep communication.

In the circle, I’m able to leave my stories, which sometimes feels like releasing a balloon or a bird. In return, the gift of the circle is receiving your stories.

On a walk in the Vermont woods, I saw some beautiful trees, plants, berries, rocks, and leaves, and many arrangements struck me as metaphors. You can see the photo essay, and my tiny spontaneous captions, on Instagram.

You are invited to Season II of Hidden Roots. The Apple Circle is open, with the next date Tuesday, December 3. Sign up here.

Also, most circle themes and prompts (or questions) are hidden until you arrive. But sometimes we seek more conversation about a certain subject. Check out our new themes, below. If one appeals to you, write to me at, and we can arrange a circle for you and others who are hot for the same topic.

You Look Like You Need A Steak: Orthorexia and You

Are Diamonds Your Best Friend? You and Money

Don’ts For Wives and Husbands: How to Get (and Keep) A Man or A Woman

Do That To Me One More Time: Sex and You (and you and you and you…)

Do you ever want to talk about these things in a quiet and safe and private space? I do!

Yours truly,