I Pine for John Prine — and Peaches

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper Go to the country, build you a home Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches Try and find Jesus on your own – John Prine Small Farm is a vivid green from all the rain, with splashes of salmon from the flowering quince, intense pink on the redbud, soft [...]

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Complimentary Hidden Roots Storytelling Circles

Dear Friends, We now have three flocks of chickens, aged 6+ years, 2.5 weeks, and 2.5 days. We got four eggs from the laying hens in two days, which is surprising because they are very old hens. Maybe it's because they now have Cooper, a handsome young rooster, for company. In just six weeks, my family of five has [...]

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Light the Candle – It’s story time

Ladies, it's cold outside. But when we gather on a soft rug, with comfortable seats to rest our backs on, and strike the gong and light the candle, we relax and warm up. And then it's story time – your stories. My mind is full of stories this season. This winter Rob and I have seen lots of theater. On [...]

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Putney, Vermont

Dear Friends of Hidden Roots, I spent a lovely October weekend on a farm and in the woods in Putney Vermont, taking in circles while simultaneously being trained to facilitate circles, also called Council, by the New England Council Collective. https://www.necouncilcollective.org/ I was invigorated by the many ways circles can be held and how much fun they can be. I [...]

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Storytelling Is in the Air

Story Exchange Narrative 4 was founded by writers who believe that stories can unite us even when our nature, nurture, and experience are disparate. In a profound and simple technique called Story Exchange, you tell your story, and then someone else tells it, again, in the first person. Imagine teens from high-need communities exchanging stories with privileged teens from pricey [...]

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