Little Girl, What’s Your Story?

September 21, 2022 Dear Friends, In the Pisgah National Forest, near Brevard, North Carolina, there is a waterfall overlooking Glass Creek called Sliding Rock, where you can slide down the broad, flat rock into the plunge pool below. One summer day 45 years ago, my brother Charles and I slid down that rock until our jeans were worn through [...]

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My Home Is My Neighborhood

I love this time of year. But first things first. Happy birthday, Susan Planck! We all celebrate you, Mom. A year ago we planted hellebores with soft pink blossoms in giant stone urns. The flowers were sweetly unaware that Dusty Rose was a Spring 2020 color trend, and we, for our part, were unaware that a few days later, we'd flee the city to quarantine in rural New Jersey …

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What’s in the Frame?

I spotted an empty wooden picture frame on the street. The wood was blonde, blotchy, and dry; pretty, but nothing special. It weighed nothing, and the hanging wire was in just the right place, so I brought it home …

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Listening to Trees

Dear Friends, Perhaps some of you saw The Hidden Life of Trees review in Head Butler. I loved this book and it is the inspiration for the title Hidden Roots. In the circle, people discover that despite superficial or even apparently deep differences we share hidden, human roots, a discovery which emerges only slowly, but unmistakably, when we listen [...]

2020-06-04T15:12:59-04:00June 4th, 2020|

I Pine for John Prine — and Peaches

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper Go to the country, build you a home Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches Try and find Jesus on your own – John Prine Small Farm is a vivid green from all the rain, with splashes of salmon from the flowering quince, intense pink on the redbud, soft [...]

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Complimentary Hidden Roots Storytelling Circles

Dear Friends, We now have three flocks of chickens, aged 6+ years, 2.5 weeks, and 2.5 days. We got four eggs from the laying hens in two days, which is surprising because they are very old hens. Maybe it's because they now have Cooper, a handsome young rooster, for company. In just six weeks, my family of five has [...]

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Light the Candle – It’s story time

Ladies, it's cold outside. But when we gather on a soft rug, with comfortable seats to rest our backs on, and strike the gong and light the candle, we relax and warm up. And then it's story time – your stories. My mind is full of stories this season. This winter Rob and I have seen lots of theater. On [...]

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Putney, Vermont

Dear Friends of Hidden Roots, I spent a lovely October weekend on a farm and in the woods in Putney Vermont, taking in circles while simultaneously being trained to facilitate circles, also called Council, by the New England Council Collective. I was invigorated by the many ways circles can be held and how much fun they can be. I [...]

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Storytelling Is in the Air

Story Exchange Narrative 4 was founded by writers who believe that stories can unite us even when our nature, nurture, and experience are disparate. In a profound and simple technique called Story Exchange, you tell your story, and then someone else tells it, again, in the first person. Imagine teens from high-need communities exchanging stories with privileged teens from pricey [...]

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