COVID button

COVID buttonsThe Covid Memorial Project

We have created buttons for covid mourners who would like to share their experience. The button is essentially a very short story. It reads, “I lost one I love to covid.” When you tell a story, and someone listens, magic ensues. This is the heart of Hidden Roots. We also made a pin with a message we can all carry, “Remember covid-19.”

We chose a poppy as the symbol of remembrance for service in the war, as it is used in the UK. The black poppy suggests the greater price members of black and brown communities have paid during covid.

The buttons are for sale at cost on Etsy. We are also giving the buttons to individuals and to organizations serving covid mourners. The goal is to spread awareness, sympathy, and solidarity. The beautiful hand-drawing and design are by Aly Miller.

Please email us if you would like a batch of buttons.